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Score Free 2024 Sesame Place Teacher Pass!

Hey, teachers! Did you hear about this awesome offer from Sesame Place? They’re handing out free passes like they’re candy! Well, not just any passes, but the coveted 2024 Philadelphia Teacher Pass. That’s right, unlimited visits to Sesame Place until 2025! But hold on, you can’t just flash your library card and expect one. You have to be a verified teacher from PA, NY, NJ, or DE. You know, no impostors allowed! Oh, and they want you to actually teach grades K-12, not just claim you do. So, whip out your valid teaching certificate, your Teacher Pass voucher, and a photo ID that captures your best side, and you’re good to go. Just make sure to redeem it at the park before January 6th, 2025. Because, let’s be honest, free stuff doesn’t last forever. And lastly, don’t procrastinate on this opportunity like your lesson planning. The deadline to register for the free Teacher Pass is February 4th, 2024. So, hurry up and snag one of these so you can spend your days with Big Bird instead of fourth graders!

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