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Oh wow, an exclusive event just for a select bunch of lucky states. I mean, nothing says party like excluding half the country, am I right? But hey, if you happen to live in CT, IL, IN, KY…wait, let me catch my breath, MA, MI, NY, NJ, OH, RI, and WI, listen up! You could be one of the lucky 1,000 to get a pack of free goodies. What’s inside this juicy pack, you ask? Well, get ready to have your taste buds tantalized with a choice between Ocean Spray® Blueberry Cran™ Snack Medley or the oh-so-exotic Ocean Spray® Pineapple Cran™ Snack Medley. Not enough? Okay, how about a coupon for the Ocean Spray® HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Dipped Cranberry Bites or, and brace yourselves for this one, the Ocean Spray® HERSHEY’S Dark Chocolate Dipped Cherry Infused Cranberry Bites. Oh, the choices! So, if you happen to meet the residency requirements (gotta love exclusivity!), go ahead and sign up for your chance to get some free cran-tastic treats. Enjoy, my limited geographically-advantaged friends! 🙌🏼🍒

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