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Possible Free Slice Earth Day Party Kit – Get your free slice Earth Day party kit today!

1. Spread the wrap rage! Start by filling each guest’s plate with a variety of wrap types. From turkey, chicken, shrimp, and avocado to steak, crab, and edamame, guests will be able to choose their poison.
2. Cut the wrap rage! To make sure guests have the best time, make sure to have a good variety of manual cutters on hand. From the manual box cutter to the manual mini cutter to the safety cutter, make sure to have the perfect tool for each guest.
3. Celebrate the wrap rage! After each guest has had their fill of wrap, make sure to hand out some party packs. Each pack includes the manual box cutter, manual mini cutter, and safety cutter, so guests can enjoy their wrap rage party the way they want.

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