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Bounce into Spring with Possible Free Crazy Aaron’s Party Kit!

Hey everyone, have I got a deal for you! Apparently, there are 100 spots available to become a party host, and guess what? You get a party pack valued at over $300! And what’s in this magical wonderland? Oh, just some Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, because who doesn’t need thinking putty shaped like a sneaker or a baby elephant? But wait, there’s more! Glow in the dark putty, illusion putty, and even ketchup and mustard putty. Because clearly, condiments and thinking putty are a match made in heaven. Oh, and did I mention the scented putty? Yeah, you can have your slime and smell it too! Plus, they throw in a whole bunch of other stuff like slime charmers, game cards, and even a party host guide. Who knew hosting a party could get you so much free stuff? Sign me up!

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