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60 Characters or Less: Feast on Free BK Samples!

Hey folks, if you’re looking for a hilarious way to score some free stuff, just open the Burger King app and play their Sip, Throw, and Score game! Who knew you could win more than just a greasy burger?

November 10th: One free small Frozen Coke®? That’s just a slushy with an attitude. ARV: $1.00

November 11th: Forty crowns? Are we kings now? Time to start wearing a crown to work and see if they let me rule the office.

November 12th: One free Hershey’s® Sundae Pie? Just remember to buy something worth $1.00. It’s the price you pay for a sugar-filled delight.

November 13th: One free large Coca-Cola Zero Sugar? Finally, a drink that’s as empty as the calories in my soul. ARV: $2.89

November 14th: One free 3-piece French Toast Sticks? Hurry up and buy something worth $1.00 at breakfast because it’s only redeemable during those precious morning hours.

November 15th: Thirty crowns? Looks like I’m officially becoming royalty. Time to conquer that Burger King throne.

November 16th: One free small Coca-Cola? Is it just me, or does everything taste better when it’s free

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