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With over 200,000 daily email subscribers to our network of free sample sites, we get a ton of e-mails.  We noticed 95% of the e-mails all asked the same questions.  Because of this we figured we’d answer some of those questions for you!

1. How do I get the free sample?
 We run websites that write about free sample offers we find from around the web.  That means we post articles explaining in detail what the free sample is and how to get it.  We don’t actually provide the free sample, but post to the place that does.  Every day you should get a new e-mail with all of the free samples we found.  Simply read our post, follow the instructions and click where we tell you to click (when applicable) to order the free sample.
2. I keep signing up for the free samples, but never get anything!
There could be a couple of reasons for this:
A.  The most common reason is that you didn’t give them enough time to send it!  Usually, when companies provide free samples it takes a long time to ship (sometimes 12 weeks or longer).  When we order the samples usually we get them far after we forget we even ordered them!  The good news is that eventually if you order stuff every day, you will start to receive things on a regular basis in about 12 weeks.
B. The free sample wasn’t ordered properly: See question 1!
C. They ran out of free samples before they got to you:

We do our best to try to find only legitimate free sample opportunities that are still valid.  Unfortunately these offers go quick.  We post several a day to compensate for this.  We also recently created additional controls that should help quickly remove posts after many people flag the post as expired.

 The best way to get extremely quick updates is to add us on facebook or check the main site often.  We promise if you keep signing up for stuff you will get plenty of the things you sign up for.
3. Can you sign me up for free samples or print the free after coupon deals for me?
No, sorry! If we spent all of our time doing that, there would be nobody left to search for the deals for you.  This means that if you send us an e-mail with your address it will be ignored!
4. The free sample wasn’t free and now they are charging my credit card!
While rare, this is perhaps the most concerning message we receive.  100% of the offers we post do not require any S/H or fee of any kind. 
We NEVER charge you for any of our services and the free samples we post about are completely free.  99.5% of the offers we provide do not require you to have or enter a Credit Card.
If you find an offer that requires a Credit Card it is possible that you clicked on an advertisement on our site.  (See question 5.)
5. Why are there so many advertisements on this site?
We do not get compensated for posting about most of the free samples that we find. Our revenue earned is solely from advertisements on the pages you visit. Since we don’t get paid by the companies stuff that we promote, you know you are getting an honest assessment of the quality of the free sample.
Unfortunately we can’t always control what companies advertise since our advertisements are run by a third party platform.  We have been working with Google (who manages our advertising platform) to eliminate advertisers who use deceptive tactics to defraud customers.  Unfortunately, it seems as if every time we eliminate a fraudluant advertisor, a new one pops up.
The good news is that free sample scams are usually easy to spot.  Our best advice to you is to be EXTREMELY weary before EVER entering any credit card information on a website claiming to give you a free sample.  If it is really free 99% of the time they wont require it.   Usually if they don’t have your credit card information it is extremely difficult for them to bill you for anything and you will not be charged.
6. E-mail Subscription problems:
A. I never signed up for this e-mail, why are you sending me stuff?
Yes you did (or someone did who had access to your e-mail)! We use a double opt-in system managed through a third party (feedblitz).  This means that in order to be added to our newsletter subscription you must not only signup, but confirm that you wish to subscribe by clicking the activation link in a follow up e-mail.  We couldn’t even manually add your e-mail if we wanted to!
B. Unsubscribe Me Now!
On the bottom of every e-mail we send out, we have an auto unsubscribe option. Clicking the link will unsubscribe you automatically.  We cannot manually unsubscribe you.
C. . Activate my subscription:
 Because we are managed by a third party e-mail service, the only way we can subscribe you is through the activation link in the e-mail that was sent to you.  If you are having  trouble clicking the link, please send us the activation e-mail (to sampleadayfeed AT and we will click the link for you (or figure out the problem).
We hope that these answers to commonly asked questions helped you.  Be aware that we actually read every single e-mail that comes to us.  If your question wasn’t addressed, please feel free to contact us.
Nick & Scott
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