Free Sample of Seventh Generation Dish Washing Liquid

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On the rare occasion that you might actually take a break from hunting down free samples to use a dish or two, we’ve just scored you a hot free sample of Seventh Generation dish washing liquid.  You free sample hunters are so lucky that you got this stuff in its seventh generation.  In its sixth generation, it was just soap.  And in its first generation, it was just green water.  Didn’t really clean anything, it was just…green water.  Kinda frightening, actually, because the list of ingredients actually said, “Green water” and nothing else.  How the company survived all the way to Seventh Generation, I’ll never know, but it’s a damn good thing they did.  I hear that the Eighth Generation will clean your dishes with lasers.  LASERS!

Free Sample of Seventh Generation Dish Washing Liquid

Click here for the free sample.

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