Free Sample of Miralax Laxative

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We just scored a new free sample for all you free sample loving Bieber-philes out there – a free sample of Miralax laxative. Having trouble getting regular?  Well, just take one of these little babies and you’ll be going to the bathroom smooth as clockwork.  How smooth?  As smooth as the voice of our awesome new partner, teen heart-throb Justin Bieber!  Fun fact: Justin Bieber’s voice is so smooth that whenever he eats or drinks anythng, it never actually touches the inside of his mouth.  His voice is so smooth that everything just slides right on by it.  I heard that a doctor once tried to put a tongue depressor in his mouth during a check-up and it just floated there for a minute because it was scared Justin would have to stop smiling to keep it in place.  And who could blame it?

Free Sample of Miralax Laxative

Click here for the free sample.

To learn more about’s new exclusive partnership with Justin Bieber, click here.

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