Free Samples and Free Stuff for Veterans Day (for vets and active military)

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Happy Veterans day for you all, and what a better way to start then a free sample post with all of the Veterans day free samples around the area. These free samples are mostly for vets and active military, but today is their day so if you know one of them, share this free sample page with them!

The free samples:
Start your day off with a free Cane for Veterans at Costco click here to learn more about that free sample.

For lunch head off to Rubios for a Free Taco.

Then take your friends and stroll through any national park Free of charge for everyone not just vets.

Next go to Outback Steakhouse for your free bloomin’ onion and drink. click here to learn more about that free sample.

Don’t eat there though. Save that for AppleBees, who is offering a free Entree! click here to learn more about that free sample.

To vets and active service men and women: A giant thank you from all of your free sample friends at sample a day!!

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