Free Sample of Dish Washing Liquid from Cascade

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We thought today we would have terrible free samples, I mean when we saw this free sample of dish washing liquid from Casade we though jackpot! No more washing our dishes with hand soap, really hot water, and buying plastic plates just because we are too lazy to get actual dish soap. You just plop these into your dish washer and blammmo you have clean dishes. Still living in ancient times and don’t have a dish washer? Try popping open the solution to wash your dishes, since that should do that trick. I mean no dish washer, you still do that by hand? Crazy, I mean I hired a monkey to do mine.

What the heck does a monkey doing karate have to do with anything? In fact nothing, I just threw that out because half of our free sample posts don’t make sense anyway!

Free Sample of Dish Washing Liquid from Cascade
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4 Responses to “Free Sample of Dish Washing Liquid from Cascade”

  1. christina hiner says:


  2. janice zavala says:

    I have been having a hard time trying to get your free samples, but it seems it is not letting me get them and I did subscribe

  3. Holly says:

    Luved it

  4. Sandy Moore says:

    thanks for making this possible

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