Free Sample Faucet Aerator from Home Depot (in Store)

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Todays free samples all have to do with going into the store. So it doesn’t come in the mail, but that doesn’t mean you cant get it! You need the exercise. Today for earth day, Home Depot is giving away a free Faucet Aerator. What does this Aerator do? Well I called my friendly local Home Depot dude to find out. This free sample takes one stream and turns it into two. Does it save water? Well, this friendly home depot dude wasn’t 100% sure, but since they are giving them out for earth day… I’m guessing it does! So get your free sample today.

Also… save the Orang-u-tan (however that is spelled):

The free sample:
click here for the Home Depot Locations where you can get this free sample. You might want to call ahead just to make sure its available.

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2 Responses to “Free Sample Faucet Aerator from Home Depot (in Store)”

  1. please i like to change the kitchen faucet, thank you

  2. Jill says:

    I would like to get the coupon or whatever that I need to go to HOME DEPOT for this free aerator. I am near the one on Milestrip Rd, Blasdell ny

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