Free Sample of Play Time Lubricant

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Yeah another free sample of lubricant that isn’t for your car?  Sure, we’ve featured plenty of these adult free samples, like lubricant, condoms, etc and they seem to be the most popular.  I know you’re probably reading this using the free wifi at Denny’s and eating your Grand Slam, so congratulations for actually getting through that long line.  If you aren’t there you probably are sitting at that tiresome job, reading this free sample posts to brighten your day once more.

So before I bore you even more, you’ll want to know what free sample of Lubricant you can get from Play Time. Well, as they put it: The lubricant sample you receive will be ramdonly selected among Play™ More, Play™ Warmer and Play™ Tingling. Must be a U.S. or Canadian resident to receive a sample. Please allow 12-15 weeks for delivery. Limit 1 per customer.

There’s no catch that we can see for this free sample, you just sign up and either you’re going to play more, play warm, or play tingling?

Free Sample of Play Time Lubricant
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