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Come and get your free sample from Slim fast. Yes a tasty bar from slim fast is the free sample that is probably going to be the best. As long the free sample doesn’t arrive melted, but who are we kidding, it’ll probably arrive frozen that you’ll have to microwave the thing for 3 hours.

Yes, even free samples can’t make 23 F temperatures rise, but they can give you that extra bit of energy it takes to get your car out of 5 feet of snow. So just keep this free sample from slim fast in your pocket as something to look forward to while you freeze your way to work.

Free Sample from Slim Fast | Snack Bar
Get it via this link *it comes from Costco, but Membership ID not required

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One Response to “Free Sample from Slim Fast | Snack Bar”

  1. Rachel says:

    No longer available, January 6, 2010.

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