Free Sample of Living Proof No Frizz Hair Spray

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Nothing greater then a free sample of Living Proof No Frizz Hair Spray, except of course a free book of free stuff you can buy at IKEA. Perhaps not one of the best free samples we have found but hopefully this free sample of Hair Spray will make up for it. So what is so funny about hairspray anyways? What isn’t funny about Free Samples of hair spray.

One day after work a man was driving home when he ran over a rabbit. The poor thing was flat.
About three minutes later a lady saw his car stopped in the road, and went over to see what was a matter. The man said ” I hit this poor rabbit and I want to cry” The lady then went to her car and came back with an object in her hand. She told the man not to worry, and began spraying something that looks like a free sample of sorts on the dead rabbit. The man asked “What are you doing?” The woman replied ” I am going to save this rabbit, just watch.”

All of the sudden the rabbit rose, looked around, got up and begun to hop away.

The man, desperate for an explaination, looked at the free sample bottle and read ” Hair Spray. Brings damaged hair back to life.”

You get it you get it you get it?!! Aww come on just take the damn free sample.

The Freebie:
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4 Responses to “Free Sample of Living Proof No Frizz Hair Spray”

  1. Mackinzie says:


  2. Sarah says:

    Aww… they are out already… I still love this website anyway. I signed up to have them e-mail me every day!! YAY I LOVE FREE STUFF!!

  3. stephanie says:

    You guys are hilarious

  4. rubydoo says:

    i emailed them requisting a fre sample!!

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