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The best free sample there is has to be the facial moisturizer. Everyone likes facial moisturizer whether it’s a free sample or the entire bottle. Guys, girls, who could complain? Sure guys might say, oh that’s too girly, but check back in a month and his bottle will be half empty. Christmas is coming up soon, and I’m sure half of you are being as cheap as me making stockings filled with free samples. You can always send Scott (the other sampleaday writer) a bag, the costco sample people would appreciate it (so he stops coming in on a daily basis for a free lunch.

Included in this free sample facial pack:
* A luxurious self-pampering guide
* A soothing spa-quality bath salt recipe
* Two free samples of premium Chandra facial moisturizer
* Exclusive discount of up to 50% on select Veria products

You can just click the link for the facial moisturizer

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One Response to “Free Sample Facial Moisturizer”

  1. Alyssa Kyper says:

    I’m not sure if the link works for the sample, or not.

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