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Free Keep Marijuana Legal Samples

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Ever since I got that free sample from Sample A Day, the one that says legalize Marijuana, all these hippies have been following me around like zombies. As a teacher, even my students like that free sample I signed up for. Ever since I put the sticker on my car my students have been looking at me in a whole new light. One kid even invited me out to his party. On the downside I get pulled over a lot more, and kids break into my car looking for something green.

New social life, but broken in car? It might be worth it. Besides just keep some fresh oregano in your car and no one will know the difference.

Free Marijuana Legal Samples (It’s a bumper sticker)
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One Response to “Free Keep Marijuana Legal Samples”

  1. Karen says:

    Why not legalize it? Sales taxes could help our economy and allow the lawmakers to go after real criminals. Those who chose to use marijuana don’t kill children! Why not put the killers in jail and let the smokers go home?

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