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Free Sample Sharpie Markers At OfficeMax

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Up to four sharpie markers for free? This free sample sounds like a dream, either that or I’ve been sniffing too many markers again. But maybe I have because this free sample is not free. That’s right, you need to pay 1 penny for each marker. That’s like working for seconds. SECONDS OF YOUR TIME…. . In fact you even need to drive out to the store to get it, so add on the price of gas. PRICE OF GAS. Then there are all these limits like only 3 per person and the coupon expires August 8th! OH THE LIMITS, THE LIMITS.

So sorry to tell you about this oh so terrible sample. Just don’t write on me when I fall asleep…

Free Sample Sharpie Markers At OfficeMax
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One Response to “Free Sample Sharpie Markers At OfficeMax”

  1. Mantelli says:

    My Office Max store said this wasn’t a genuine coupon.

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