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Free Huggies Potty Training DVD Freebie

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So do you have a child that needs some potty training? Well, you could try the old fashion way, bribary (give the kid 2 M&Ms for a poo and one for a pee). But we both know that doing that takes wayyyyyyy too much work. We are all way too lazy for that. That is why instead of that you should get this freebie DVD from Huggies. All you have to do is sit your kid down in front of the tube, pop in this dvd and go back to your virtual life game you play for like 10 hours a day (We are on to you). The more I think about it, the more ironic it is that Huggies is offering a free Potty Training DVD. I mean if I was the CEO of whoever made huggies, I would want children not potty trained until they were like 16! Perhaps this is part of a secret plan to make your kid stay in the diapers as long as possible. Or maybe they get your kid off diapers but secretly brainwash him to buy other Kimberly Clark Products. Sure I am probably making this all up after all a corporation would never deceive its customers! Get your free Huggies Potty Training DVD at the link below!

What the company says:
“Finally there’s a potty training approach that’s flexible and fun. You can tailor it to fit the way your child learns best, so you can keep your Big Kid® engaged from start to finish. No matter what your child’s phase of training, you’ll love the Pull-Ups® Big Kid® Central Potty Training Success DVD. You’ll discover techniques, tips, songs and games to help you and your child succeed. Order your free copy today.”

The free Potty Training DVD:
click here for the freebie.

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2 Responses to “Free Huggies Potty Training DVD Freebie”

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  2. charlotte carpenter says:

    can’t wait

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