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Who doesn’t worry about peeing themselfs… Lucky for you (well.. your little one really), you can get a free sample of UnderJams Night Wear for your child (from 38-85 pounds). If you have been with us for long, you have probably seen this freebie before. They go secretly under their pants to privately help them with their bed wetting problems. This means you don’t get a call at 11:30 saying that your kid wet his pants and he needs another pair at his sleepover. Instead you get a call at 11:30 saying that your kid wet his Super Absorbant UnderJams Night Wear, and needs a new pair of pants. Much Much better. Seriously though… wet UnderJams is much better than wet pants… just ask our frequently intoxicated friend Ben…. long story. Enjoy the freebie!

The free sample of UnderJams:
click here for the free sample.

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