Virgin Mobile Minutes Free for Virgin Prepay

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If you use Virgin Mobile there is a new way to get some free minutes added that might give you just that extra minute to call your mom and say you really could use that extra cash for food, or maybe a minute to tell your annoying friends, please stop calling.

Ok anyway, how this Virgin Mobile thing works: Want a voice and a say? Sugar Mama connects you with brands that will listen… and value your opinion. In return, you’ll get free airtime. Give us a minute of your time, get a minute of airtime. That’s the deal. We have two ways to earn with your Sugar Mama.

So if you wanted like 100 free minutes you’d have to sit on the phone for like 100 minutes.  Is it worth it? Maybe while you are driving you could bust out about 10 free minutes, but that could be illegal depending where you live.

Virgin Mobile Minutes Free for Virgin Prepay

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3 Responses to “Virgin Mobile Minutes Free for Virgin Prepay”

  1. Angelo Giavanni says:

    I tried it a few times, really wasn’t really worth my time for one more text message or one more min. air time. And you very limited on how many you can get. They say you can get so many but it is impossible. You will spend like 20 minutes getting 30 cents added to your account then thats it. whats the point?

  2. Eydie Bailey says:

    this is exciting.

  3. lynette ford says:

    very convient

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