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Free Natures Variety Dog Food or Cat Food Sample

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Here is your chance to get a free sample of Natures Variety Dog or Cat food. You can choose from Raw Frozen Diet, Instinct Kibble, or Priarie Kibble. They will also tell you the nearest place that you can pick up your free pet food sample. For me it was Pet Supplies Plus. On a side note, what is the difference between Pet Supplies Plus, Petco and all of those other pet stores, they look like the exact same store to me. Just like the stores, the food always seems the exact same. No matter what I get my little dog, she seems to like it. Dry food, wet food, tennis shoes… she likes it all. Have you ever given a dog cat food (Don’t try it)? I think that the pet supply place are involved in a conspiracy to make us believe that dogs and cats don’t get along in an attempt to seperate the nation into dog lovers and cat lovers and sell more food.

Don’t believe me? Check out this photo:

What the company says:
“At Nature’s Variety, our passion is the health and happiness of your cherished cat or dog. We are proud pet parents, just like you! So we understand that your pet has a special place in your family, in your life, and in your heart. We believe your dog and cat deserves the best nutrition.We offer a variety of nutritious choices for your special pet, including complete and balanced Raw Frozen Diets, Instinct grain-free kibble and cans, and Prairie holistic kibble and cans.”

The freebie link:
click here for the freebie.

They will send you a coupon for some free food via email. Make sure you uncheck the receive future coupons and emails if you don’t want to receive anything else from them. We always recommend using a designated spam email address when giving email to companies so your real email isn’t clogged with spam.

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One Response to “Free Natures Variety Dog Food or Cat Food Sample”

  1. Steffi says:

    Hey there, Scott!
    Guess what? My dog loves cat food, and will even try to eat anything left in my cat’s dish after she eats! No kidding! Anyhow, thanks for the free Nature’s Variety pet food sample, & the great photo in your (Feb.4, 2009)offer. Also, best of luck on your exams!

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