Free Box of Touch of Grey Hair Coloring

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Do you want just a touch of grey? This free Hair Coloring Sample is suppose to dye your completely grey hair, making it darker but still keeping that “look at me I’m older” look. You have to wonder who thought of this idea. Was that planned, or did someone somewhere just come up with a product that didn’t work that well, then instead of fixing it they just said, ech someone will want it and marketed it as it is. ]

Last time I dyed my hair, I accidently dyed it red (instead of brown). You could see me for a mile away. Maybe some dark hair with a touch of red would look sweet. Worth a shot… Ladies, stick this into your husbands shampoo bottle, he will look younger than ever and he wont even know why! (actually probably not a good idea, im not sure exactly how to apply this). Either way you can get your free box by clicking the box below!

The freebie:
click the box below to get the freebie.

* To get this freebie, purchase the box and send in the box along with the form in the mail to get a cash rebate

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3 Responses to “Free Box of Touch of Grey Hair Coloring”

  1. Steffi says:

    Just a rebate; not as good as a free box in the mail. Thanks but no thanks.

  2. Joe says:

    True, but we go to the store any way. The only hassle is waiting a few weeks ($) to be reimbursed.

    I’m forty-six and out of work, so I held out from buying something to get rid of the gray – so I’ll try this stuff.

  3. RICARDO says:


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