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Everybody likes table salt. Well not everyone, otherwise there would be no need for this Table Salt Substitute. Well the only type of salt I like to get is Gourmet. Lucky for me Benson’s Gourmet Seasoning is offering some of their salt substitutes for you to try. Is salt really Gourmet though? I mean.. what is so special about that? Lucky for you this free salt substitute sample has no aftertaste. In fact it has no taste at all! Actually that is a joke (yes a bad one)… I have never tried the stuff, and I am sure it is just great! Anyways enough of my talking… enjoy this free salt substitute sample

What the company says:
“Table Tasty salt substitute has a nice salt flavor with no bitter after taste. It just tricks those tastebuds to thinking it’s salt. No more bland food. It helps take care of your salt cravings. Try Table Tasty on popcorn. This is what started our company. We wanted an all natural, healthy, tasty, salt free popcorn seasoning. It’s especially good sprinkled on raw foods or after the food is cooked, at the table like a table salt shaker. It adds flavor to your usually plain vegetables, especially potatoes, fresh tomatoes, and corn on the cob. Add it to soups, salads, gravies, and cottage cheese. Yes, it’s great on eggs. Table Tasty is the one blend will help you the most in the begining, to give you that salty taste you miss most on your salt free diet. ”

The link to the free sample
Click here for the free Gourmet Salt substitute Sample

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3 Responses to “Free Salt Substitute Sample Gourmet Seasoning – EXPIRED”

  1. Dan Mullins says:

    Pleace send sample

  2. Olga says:

    samples are all out:(

  3. tina says:

    bummer, no more samples.

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