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I like my meat like I like my women. . . tough and dry. Because of that, this free sample of Daddy Hinkles meat Marinade may not be for me. But then again, anybody that names themself “Daddy Hinkle” is pretty okay in my book (really though, the name sounds like it belongs to a pedafile). Either way, the company has been around for several years and people love ‘em. Anyways enjoy this free Meat Marinade Sample. Oh yes… post a funny Meat Marinade joke in our comments section. If we are feeling in the giving mood, we will send the funniest one a gift card. (Make sure you leave a way we can get in contact with you, so we know where to send it). Enjoy the freebie

What Daddy Hinkle Says:
“Daddy Hinkle’s meat marinade comes in three lip smackin’ good flavors, O’riginal, Southwest, and Hotter n’ $700, for what ever taste your mouth is hankerin’ for. Each packet contains both the liquid and the dry marinade, and the 15-oz marinade comes as a set of both the liquid and the dry as well.”

The link to the freebie
This freebie has EXPIRED since we put it up… be sure to check below for today’s other freebies. Keep coming back as we update daily!
(If you liked your free sample, you can order the stuff by clicking here !

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