Colgate Toothpaste Whitening Sample, Toothpaste for Free

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Colgate probably one of the toothpaste brands known far and wide thinks your teeth are getting a bit yellow.  Yeah so do I.  Time to use a sample of free Colgate whitening.  Colgate features a 12 hour whiting creme which we hope, for your sake, and the sake of our site of those gold colored teeth, that it works that quickly.

But your situation could be worse.  You could be like our friend moody red who has yellow teeth and skin that glows red when she gets mad.  Sure it’s festive for Christmas, but in the summer people make fun of her thinking she fell asleep in the sun…

Sure you might be trying to pretend to have gold fillings, but really you aren’t fooling anyone.  Do us and yourself a favor, sign up for a free Colgate toothpaste sample and smile once a while!

Colgate Toothpaste Whitening Sample, Toothpaste for Free
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4 Responses to “Colgate Toothpaste Whitening Sample, Toothpaste for Free”

  1. erin says:


  2. can’t wait for white teeth

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