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Best free Christmas Samples for presents

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We’ve posted a lot of different free samples, and for those hit by the economic crisis, looking for cheap gifts, or just don’t know what to give as a present, we’ve been told that free samples make awesome gifts.  You might have missed out on this samples, and theres one sample in here we’ve never posted, a guide from Peta.  Have a Merry christmas and we hope these presents arrive in time for that person who goes on the free gifts section of your list.

Lego Magazine with Lego Set - If you plan on giving anyone legos this year, make sure to sign them up for the lego magazine as well.  Not only is it free, but any lego fan will love it.

Create a Gift Basket? – If you remember our recently posted apple bites sample, you can easily print this one out, cut it open and turn it into a gift basket.  Go out and get two free samples, and make a little basket out of em.

Free Shopping Guide (new) – If you love animals and furry stuff, you might want to get em this cruelty free shopping guide to go along with it. (new sample we’ve never posted before) .

Restaurant Gift Certificates – When we just don’t know what to give, we give restaurant gift certificates. is giving away $10 certificates away which are usually good for a purchase of around $15 for food.  Throw in the extra $5 bucks and you’ve just given them $15 worth of food and only spent about $5.

Free Video Game - Goozex has had this promotion for a long time.  As a great free gift, anyone who signs up will get any free video game worth 100 points.  I ended up getting a few pc games like Tony Hawk 2 often still in the original casing.  Otherwise for you people out there with a good heart, go donate yours to the poor.

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