Become A Kraft Food Taste Tester

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Kraft Food products is letting everyone sign up to be some of the first to try their new products.  And before I go further, I want to mention Merry Christmas everyone, I hope Santa brought you wanted and not some stupid sweater again or some gift certificates to some store you’d never shop at. Yes Santa you deliver presents to all the good boys and girls, but please, stop giving us gift certificates to the Pottery Barn.

So Santa guess what.  We don’t need your candies anymore, no we aren’t all a diabetic and obese like you.  Did you ever think about checking that scale?  This is 2008 and being that fat really can have disastrous consequences. Maybe you’ve seen this picture floating around?

So Santa, we’re recommending that you like our subscribers should do is sign up to be a Kraft food tester.  It might show you some food better than cookies and milk to eat.  Maybe next year we could all leave celery sticks and non fat dip.  Yes we’re worried.  Thanks for the gifts.  Theres 364 days left.  Do us a favor.  Look like this next year.

So Become A Kraft Food Taste Tester try some new Kraft foods, and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! And for all you non Christmas people.  Have a um great MERRY day of relaxation.

Become A Kraft Food Taste Tester
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3 Responses to “Become A Kraft Food Taste Tester”

  1. Martha Briley says:

    looking forward to some free samples of products I haven’t experienced

  2. jsue says:

    I would love free samples.

  3. My family has always liked Kraft products. I would love to be a taste tester.It sounds like so much fun. My family loves to try new foods.

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