Dog Shampoo Free, Shampoo for Dogs

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I love the winter.  My lack of Shampoo use doesn’t show in when it’s snowing… I mean even though I have free samples of shampoo bottles from hotels, this sample website, and of course stuff left from old girlfriends, I always forget to use it.  So when it snows, you don’t see the dandruff snowing off my scalp.  You might say it is a problem, but I say let it snow!  Well it’s been snowing a lot lately off the top of my scalp so I figured I would try to be one of the first 500 responses of this week to get a free 1 oz. bottle of Bubbles and Beads dog shampoo.  I am not a dog, but I think I will try it anyway (though we do not recommend anyone using this for anyone other than dogs, that’s right, shampoo not to be used for, people, creating a tidal wave on tiny ant hills, making your cat mad at you, or sending this to your ex wife telling her that it is for her personal use.)  But for rover, pooch, spot, or whatever you call your dog, Bubbles N Beads is probably perfect.

What they say: First 500 responses per week will receive a FREE 1oz. sample of Bubbles N Beads dog shampoo! Bubbles N Beads is an all-natural shampoo contains exclusive micro-beads packed with conditioning vitamins. They penetrate the coat, burst against the skin, delivering their nutrients right where they’re needed; at the follicle. The result is a healthier, shinier more lustrous coat with less itching and flaking.

Dog Shampoo Free, Shampoo for Dogs
Check it out via this link (if you are not the first 500 try again next week to win)

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4 Responses to “Dog Shampoo Free, Shampoo for Dogs”

  1. Connie says:

    i just love this sight samples are just pouring in

  2. Rose says:


  3. rose brock says:

    i think that these shampoo samples will be great and helpful to me for my dog

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