Sample of Remifemin or Remifemin Good Night Sample

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You might not know menopause when it hits, but I believe that some men also display their own menopausal symptoms, either that or something we call pms for guys, also known as pibs (pain in the butt syndrom).  So how do you know if your friend has pibs? Some of the signs of pibs include: complains nonstop about nothing important while you are trying to relax.  Claims they lost their wallet when the bill comes.  Comes over and eats all your food, leaving a bunch of dirty dishes to wash.  Often we call these people Society’s Can of Trash Takeout, or S.c.o.t.t. So while this might not cure your cause of the S.c.o.t.t. it will hopefully help those menopausal symptoms.

Sample of Remifemin or Remifemin Good Night Sample

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  1. Sharon says:

    Is anyone having a hard time to get this sample?

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