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Free K2 Skis Bandana

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Bananas are good for your health. Bandanas are good for your head. They make you look cool. They keep your head from being sunburnt. If you play bass, they are perfect to put on your head and let your permed locks flow out from the bottom. You can also fly them as small flags.

If your radiator overheats, you can pull it off your head to unscrew the cap and let the steam pour out, in slow motion of course. Then a supermodel will show up in a Maserati and ask if you need any help. You’ll put the bandana back on your head and say, “I just need a lift to the police station.”

“Why?” she asks.

And you’ll say, “I need to report a theft, because you stole my heart.” Then you both ride off into the sunset, presumably to pull over down the road and make out.

What K2 says:
A ride tells a lot about a person, who they are, what they’re about and whether you should pass them, stay clear or ride with them. K2 worked with the good folks at Orange County Choppers to create a one-of-a-kind ride in K2 style. Saddle up and join our gang of misfits, but be careful, you stay too long you might win something, maybe a pair of skis.

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3 Responses to “Free K2 Skis Bandana”

  1. sharon hodder says:

    hey thanks

  2. this is like christmas to me

  3. l8nytsimmer says:

    My husband collects bandanas. This is cool! Thanks.

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