Free Breathalicious Dog Treat

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Do you have bad breath? Well if you do, I can only imagine how bad of breath your dog has. I mean look at what he eats. This free Breathalicious Dog Treat is sure to cure up your… uh I mean your dogs worst breath problems. Are you going as a dog with good breath for Halloween? Well, if you are then this post probably won’t help you as it takes six – eight weeks to get the free sample. And even if it did what would you do with a free dog treat? Anyways, if you come to my house this Halloween expect to get one mystery item from the magic free sample drawer. Will it be a free treat for your dog, some sugar packets or maybe some nice Kotex tampons (about time i got rid of those)? Who knows, but make sure you are prepared for next year (can never be too prepared) and get this free Breathalicious Dog Treat.

The free dog sample
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2 Responses to “Free Breathalicious Dog Treat”

  1. Jakers says:

    I’m signing my dog up for this one. His name is Santos L. Halper. He’s going to love this! Thanks!

  2. midnight says:

    my dog loves getting free samples in the mail.She waits by the door until I return from the mailbox to see if she gets any goodies,if not she then tears up my sofa pillows.such is life :)

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