Free 1GB USB Flash Drive from SunGard

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Are you a secret agent that needs to back up files? Well if you are, you probably won’t admit it. I used to receive all of my missions in a letter that would explode, often before I got a chance to read it. I won’t even get started on how suspicious I looked with the shoe phone.

Now there are better solutions. The headquarters will now send my mission instructions in a small USB flash drive. I read it, erase it, then put fake information on it. Then I allow my enemies to confiscate it, thinking they stolen my secret plans. But really I am just leading them to a biker bar that beats up people that trespass on their territory. 

If you would like to do something similar, order yourself a free 1gb USB flash drive. If you were supposed to meet me at the train station, the plans have changed. Here is the authorization code: “THE CROW FLIES WESTWARD AT 4AM, AND GETS THE WORM.”

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13 Responses to “Free 1GB USB Flash Drive from SunGard”

  1. arie says:

    i want that flash drive…pleaseeee

  2. sharon hodder says:

    I am very sick and cant work so i very much apprechate this i cant spell ether so please forgive me i wanted to play with one and see if i could store some of my info and mybe songs on it thank you very much and god bless you

  3. i put in a couple of times just too see how this works cause i dont know just yet

  4. Nancy Cohen says:

    I really want that USB drive.

  5. Rose says:


  6. lisa morgan says:

    i would like a free USB flash drive please

  7. justin hayne says:

    i want one of those flash drives please

  8. Frank says:

    Its nice

  9. erika hampton says:

    need those flash drive also , badly!

  10. Bayouangel49 says:

    If you look at the posted date it is Oct 2008?? I contacted the company and they no longer honor this and I was told they didn’t give any FREEBIE site authorization to distribute this link???

  11. put in twice recieved none so far

  12. nabil says:

    i want it!

  13. Kivia Brown says:

    I really want that usb drive so bad though

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