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Am I ready for carefree panty liner?  First we guys had to understand what exactly a panty liner is. First we read it’s a really big cruise ship saling with care free passengers from port to port.  But, then after further research,we discovered it’s really one liners, jokes from a carefree guy called panty.  “Iowa: We Do Amazing Things With Corn. So alright that didn’t seem right either. Finally we discovered, Carefree Panty Liners are the duct tape of the feminine world, and us guys simply wouldn’t understand…

What Carefree says “There are some issues that won’t go away when you enter adulthood. Yes, we’re talking about those “female” things. Let’s face it, boys put on their underwear and they’re done! As females, we have lifelong personal “protection” and “freshness” issues to deal with.”

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