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Free Cat Litter Sample. Are you a tree hugger? Are you fascinated by the birds and the grass (honestly who isn’t)? Do you glare disapprovingly when other people leave the water running. Do you prefer to poop outside, in the woods, in your more “natural” habitat? Well if you do, now you don’t have to thanks to this Free “Tree Hugger” Cat Litter Sample. Of course neither will your cat (but we all know who you are really ordering this sample for)! Hey man… if pooping in cat litter is cool, then consider me Miles Davis.

*Note, since this is Cat litter and not food (my bad, long day what can I Say), I definitely don’t recommend eating it.

What the company says:
“Does your cat stare dreamily out the window? Is she fascinated by the birds and the grass? Does she glare at you disapprovingly when you leave the water running? If so, there’s a good chance that your cat is a Tree Hugging Cat.

Cats everywhere are standing up and letting us humans know how they feel about the Earth. And they’re doing it the best way they know how: by hugging trees.”

The Link:
click here for the free sample
*It is actually a coupon for a free sample of cat litter
Other News:
You know you are a treehugger when … (answer as a comment)

Other Other news:
The contest from a few posts ago is still going on :)!

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7 Responses to “Free Tree Hugging Cat Litter Sample”

  1. Kristy says:

    It’s a coupon for free cat LITTER not cat food.

  2. Josh Morgan says:

    Actually, this is for kitty litter, not food. I’ve used it, and I honestly don’t like it as much as regular litter because it doesn’t clump, so it makes it much harder to scoop…

  3. jewelsbyjamie says:

    *you mean it is actually a bag of cat litter,lol….

  4. Shaun Collucci says:

    Does it clean up oil?

  5. Lifeforce99 says:

    hahaha, does it clean up oil? XD

    but does it? O.o

  6. Ali says:

    NO Shaun Collucci I dont think this will clean up oil. Its not like regular cat litter. It is made from recycled newspaper. I wouldnt suggest using it to clean oil up but I guess you could try!!! lol I dont like this cat litter much, I like Cats Pride better. Cats pride clumps really well!!!!

  7. Stephanie says:

    This is not recycled news paper. It is almost like sawdust. I use it and it really keeps the smell of the cat urine down. I like it better than the pellet type they make. It is hard to scoop.

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