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Free Play Time Lubricants

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So is it play time? As you could assume with the brand “Play Time” and “Lubricant” you can make your own deductions about the Play Time Lubricants…

This of course got me thinking and reminded me of a joke that I’ve translated for you from German to English: “So there is a priest and a woman on a plane.  The women asks the priest, father, I don’t go to church that often, but could you please do one favor for me? Just tell me what it is, said the Priest. The woman replied, well I bought this hair dryer and I don’t want to pay the custom fees when we arrive, since I’ve never used it. Could you hide this under your priest uniform between your legs perhaps?  I will do this said this priest, but I can not lie to any questions they ask me.  Oh somehow everything will work out said the woman with a smile.  At customs the priest was asked do you have items that need to be claimed for tax?  The priest replied, I have nothing above, just one thing below my waist that has never been used by a woman.  Ok said the customs agent with a smile, come through.”

What are we doing with our free play time lubricants? I know Scott told me something about using it to grease his bedroom door, or maybe he should use it as gel for his hair? Not sure what that’ll do…

In any case SIGN UP HERE for the free play time lubricants…

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