Free Degree Deodorant Sample (for men)

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My marketing research indicates that women are effected by sweaty men, especially those that don’t use a Free Degree Deodorant Sample.  When men start working hard, they do build big muscles, and that draws women in, but what happens when they smell that sweat that’s been building up the entire day?  We here at sample a day have discovered that by using this free degree deodorant sample for men, we can keep those women by us, by making our bods smell better.

I mean a long day of typing up samples, is sure to make any man sweaty.  When we go scouring the bars for women, we realize it takes more than suede shoes, black shirt and tight pants to get the girls.  You gotta smell good too!

So tip for the guys: 1. Skull air freshers are not aftershave. 2. Baggy jeans are apparently illegal in parts of metro-Detroit (ask Scott about that one). 3. They are called eyebrows, not eyebrow. 4. Using a woman’s deodorant is likely to attract men. Women, same goes for the Free Degree Deodorant Sample (unless you like women, not like there’s anything wrong with that, especially if you are a Seinfeld fan).

Anyways, here is the link:
click here for the free deodorant sample

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5 Responses to “Free Degree Deodorant Sample (for men)”

  1. this is for my husband i am gonna stick it in his stocking if i get it in time

  2. my fiancee loves degree deodorant. it be nice to get free samples of it.

  3. WAYNE SMITH says:

    would love 50 samples to put in gift packages for parents overnight stay at children’s Hospital, thanks!

  4. Rick says:

    Would love to try it

  5. Rajendra Acharya says:

    I wanna test the sample for mypersonal use. I will buy a couple of them then.

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