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Preretirement life is offering a free sample of Alpha Max Facial Peel Sample (through the company AlphaMax). Apparently Preretirement life is the “premier guide” to making your 50+ “PreRetirement” years the most rewarding stage of your life.

My parent’s top two ways to retire early:
1. Rent your kid to Angelina Jolie
2. Stop paying for your kid to attend law school when all he does is sit on the computer and write about free samples

Yeah that’s all they got…
What the company says:
“The AlphaMax System uses three products in a synergistic combination to rejuvenate your skin and produce a healthier, more radiant look. Each of our products was developed by board certified dermatologists using unique, tested formulas with medical-grade ingredients.”

The link:
Click here for the free sample
*Note this one does not have a privacy policy attached to it that says what they will do with your information, so sign up to this one at your own risk.

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One Response to “Free Alpha Max Facial Peel Sample”

  1. Steffi says:

    The AlphaMax free facial peel sample is temporarily suspended. Too bad, I need a new face! Thanx anyway, keep up the good work, guys!

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