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Dear Advice Master,

I’ve never written to you before, but I really need your advice. I have suspected for some time now that my wife has been cheating on me. The phone rings late at night and when I answer, the caller hangs up. My wife has been going out with “the girls” a lot. When she comes home she never wants to do anything, and goes to sleep. She always comes home well after I fell asleep. I think that she is cheating but deep down I just didn’t want to know the truth.

One night I heard a noise in the garage. I went down to investigate expecting to catch my wife in the act. It was here, crouching behind my clubs, that I noticed it. The golf grip on my clubs was wearing out. I wonder if that is what has been affecting my long game? Do you think so? Do you know where I can get a better grip?

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5 Responses to “Free Golf Grip”

  1. RIBOT says:

    Hello, can you send me some samples of your state and country please, good day for you

  2. guy_94_guy says:

    i dont understand? u tell us a story about you wife cheating on u then in the last 2 sentences u talk about the golf grip which is really the topic ?? wtf??

  3. admin says:

    because we are crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. Kelly says:


    I’m laughing more at guy_94_guy than the lame post. That’s all I have to say.

  5. admin says:

    heyyyy, that was an awesome post. Thats all i gotta say

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