Free Skull Air Freshener

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Does your car smell. Sick and tired of all those sissy air fresheners? Want to save money and make your time more efficient by not showering in the morning? If so, this is for you! Here is your chance to receive a free air freshener in the shape of a skull, complements of AJ tuning! We all know that Skulls make better necklaces then trees!

The Link:
Click here for the link
* I would use a SPAM address for this one, although you need to confirm your address before receiving the air freshener

Other News:
Dude, are you serious? You still haven’t gotten your $25 from revolutionary money?

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6 Responses to “Free Skull Air Freshener”

  1. mary says:

    i can’t find these samples ppl r talking about. i keep looking and looking

  2. Stacy Loftus says:


  3. Sue says:

    I can’t find them either…everthing leads me in useless circles!

  4. Sanjeev kumar says:

    pl send me free gift


  5. Me says:

    Aww…I remember signing up for this a long time ago & I never got it =(

  6. michael cruson says:


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