Stop Sweating, Sweat Block

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It’s getting so hot outside that a few minutes outside and theres a puddle of water dripping off my body.  It’s so hot out that even the Devil has to stay a minute in the shade.  Of course here I am sitting under a fan in a dark room, filled with the cold air from an air conditioner.  (The perks of being at home).  To prevent from sweating are butts off during college we would 1.always have icecubes ready 2. sit in front of the fridge and 3.Desperately find a reason to hang out with anyone with air conditioning.  It’s not fun going to class with big wet stains.  Now their is a solution?  Yeah it’s called sweat block, stop yourself from doing the bodies natural process… sweating!

Now I’m not sure if this is even good for you, but Sweat Block says all you gotta do is rub this stuff on your arm pits before going to bed and you’ll be dry all week.  No more sweaty interviews, or embarrassing pit water stained shirts on dates.

Get the stuff to stop sweating?

Get it here via this link (The link is now fixed)

What the heck?  From Manbabies dot Com

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4 Responses to “Stop Sweating, Sweat Block”

  1. Barrie says:

    Could not find where to get sample on their web site?
    Did I miss something?

    By the way, you guys are great!!!!!!!!

  2. admin says:

    fixed the link.. thanks for letting us know….

  3. Kenzie! says:

    MAN BABIES freak me OUT!!!

  4. Colleen says:

    Aluminum can promote breast cancer, contrary to Sweat Blocks claims and their cherry picking of scientific research. Christopher Exley et al, Aluminum in Breast Tissue, for example is cntrary to Sweat Block claims.

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