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Free Vaseline for men

Posted on Tuesday, June 10th, 2008 at 9:41 am

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Free Vaseine for men? We all know that there is a huge market for moisturizer products for women, but what about men. Apparently our skin is “miracle material”. Miracle material? Who writes this stuff anyways… Nick says that girls like guys who take care of their skin … but Nick says a lot of things. Did you know Nick recently starred in an exercise video? Check it out for yourself! (He is in the back, with the bandana…)

Poodle video:

What the company says:
Your skin is a miracle material. It is your body’s first line of defense — the stronger it is, the healthier you are.

That’s why it is critical to give your skin proper care. NEW Vaseline® MEN is a line of body, face and hand lotions designed specifically for the daily skin-care needs of men. These lotions fortify men’s skin to make it resilient, therefore performing efficiently.”

The Link
Click here for the link

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5 Responses to “Free Vaseline for men”

  1. HSB says:

    Lol..That video is hilarious.

  2. Kelly says:

    Curse you, Scott! I just wasted three and a half minutes of my life.

  3. MrBill says:

    Your Related Posts for past Moisturizer samples are all expired. Walmart giveaways are all available for a limited time. I think any Walmart giveaway older than a month should not be shown as a Related Post

  4. Nick says:

    Hey Mr. Bill thanks for the concern. We are aware that Walmart does expire and we are looking for a way to not get it to show up in related, but it is a plugin by wordpress that looks through any and all old posts and picks related. We often do go back and look for expired posts, but they often expire without warning.

  5. shiralh says:


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