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There is one man who knows in his heart that it is time to tear down that wall and make one America … No Mr. Edwards, this man is not Barack Obama… and NO it is not Hilldog either … Who is this righteous man? Thats right this man is not even a man at all… It is Mr. TeddyGram. Mr. TeddyGram is always there when you need him… sitting nicely and patiently in your desk with his giant smile waiting just for you… and tell me this, have you ever been upset eating TeddyGram? I know I haven’t.
Put simply… Mr. TeddyGram is good for you and TeddyGram is good for America.

Even if you don’t want to vote for Mr. TeddyGram for president… you can at least have him sitting in your desk… or in your child’s lunch box!

What the company says:
“Help your child make the transition to preschool with these online resources from Teddy Grahams and Scholastic. Just browse through the Preschool Prep Guide and click the links to the right for tools, tips, and advice to make the most of the months leading up to your child’s first day of school. Along the way, your child will continue to grow more independent as he learns to master the world around him.”

The Link:
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*The original page this link was taken from can be found here

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4 Responses to “Free Teddy Gram Cookie Sample”

  1. these cookies are something we are thinking of selling in are schools,they would be better than candy

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