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Clean & Clear Morning Burst Oil Absorbing Sheets

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Is your acne so bad that a blind man can read your face? Do you wake up with “morning bursts” on your face? Does your pillow look like it came from the early 18th century (that could be the cause), but no this post is not for a free pillow (although you might want to consider it). Here is your chance to receive some free oil absorbing sheets to help with your complexion… We all know that acne is no laughing matter so get your free anti ACNE Absorbing sheets today.

What the company says:
“These new silky smooth sheets are a revolutionary way to remove oil and shine, without smudging makeup or leaving any residue behind! Its fabulous citrus fragrance is energizing; for instant on-the-go freshness, anywhere, anytime!”

Click here for the free Clean & Clear
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12 Responses to “Clean & Clear Morning Burst Oil Absorbing Sheets”

  1. Kenzie says:

    OMG! morning bursts. I dont have acne anymore..sure could have used this when I was 14-17!!


  2. scotts mom says:

    do not post consider not consiter

  3. Annonymous says:

    What is the difference between Acne and a priest? Acne only comes on your face after your 13

  4. admin says:

    to get the sample scroll down and enter information under “limited Quantities, get yours now”

  5. admin says:

    Sorry Nicole … I accidentally deleted your comment :(

  6. Nicole C aka Nicky says:

    Aw…that’s LAME!:D

  7. sarah says:

    all out!

  8. Millionaires says:

    ugh you dont just get acne after 13, you can get it any age you idiot.

  9. blank says:

    hey this works

  10. me says:

    I’m only 11 and i have dots…that could be because I use makeup though and it blocks my pores

  11. i really need to sample this product may acne is extremely bad and also im sick of spending money on products that dont work

  12. Syvonda Ready says:

    My daughter really likes clean and clear

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