True Blue Cat and Dog Food

Sponsored Links         | Posted on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 at 12:46 pm

Why do all the Cats and Dogs get all the food samples? True Blue didn’t have us people in mind when they released their True Blue Sample :(

In other news… Sample A Day hits the big apple, or will hit the big apple. We’re planning a trip to NYC and Montreal, so if you see two guys walking around Brooklyn and Manhatten wearing Sample A Day shirts, that’s us. When we have huge million dollar salaries we’ll invite you to come, but for now we have trouble even affording for our ticket. Did anyone say youth hostel in Harlem :(.

So this true blue thing… you get to compare their food against at least 10 other brands, it’s like a super sample! A two in one deal… cool right… now you and Fido can dine together! That is if you don’t mind eating animal by products…

Get the True Blue Cat Taste Test Here

Get the True Blue Dog Taste Test Here

The Bums in Nyc helping us out…

If you were having problems with the true lemon sample… it is working now!

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7 Responses to “True Blue Cat and Dog Food”

  1. Kenzie! says:

    I haz no animalz, and I likes it that way! ;) Much easier to look at lol cats and hotdogs on teh intertubez and not have to buy food (or fill out sample request formz) for them! lmao! And the clean up….hehe diapers are enough!

    Have fun in NY! What is your email address for the PayPal? I haz some bux from eBay I promised you!

  2. scotts mom says:

    when is this new york/montreal vacation taking place?

  3. Kelly says:

    Scott’s mom,

    Did you know they’re planning to rob from bums? I suggest you keep a better eye on your son!

  4. Nicole C says:

    I would love to sample New York and Montreal. Where is the sign up form for that?

  5. Nick says:

    hey kelly thanks for the tip :) well be sure to send you some nice samples of new york :)

  6. shiralh says:

    Has anyone tried this sample?

  7. shiralh says:

    Bummer this is FORBIDDEN I was hoping to get Fido some food.

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