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Nick and Scott

Free Gift Card To Starbucks! + Free T-Shirt giveaway

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I’m so tired of all this work!  I guess I will need coffee to wake me up.  We… ll personally I have never been to starbucks (yes can you believe that).  In fact, the one time I was about to go with someone to starbucks for the first time ever, every single one of them was closed (in an interesting publicity stunt).  I hear they have good, strong coffee and of course free internet.  Anyways… we all know what Starbucks is… lets get down to business.

We have also decided to create t-shirts… Send us a design or write us a comment about a design idea and if we like it we will use it! If we like your design (and decide to use it) we will send you a free shirt!

How to win:
Be the first person to comment on this post telling us a good t-shirt promotion idea for . YOU MUST TELL US YOUR TSHIRT IDEA TO WIN.  If you have any specific designs you can send them to admin @ (but also leave a comment on our site telling us you did so).

The first person to respond to this post will win a free starbucks gift card.

The best t-shirt idea/design will also win a free t-shirt!!! :).
*remember to put in your t-shirt idea!!!
Additional Information

Remember to include your mailing address in the mail field (so we know where to send it to you). If you dont want to give us your mailing address give us some way to keep in contact with you (I.E. your e-mail).

*we do not rent, sell or share any personal information, nor will we use any of your personal information for reasons outside of this contest

Good Luck!!!

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36 Responses to “Free Gift Card To Starbucks! + Free T-Shirt giveaway”

  1. Jasmine says:

    haha am i first?

  2. Renee says:

    “Do it every day” is my slogan!

  3. Jasmine Nguyen says:

    T-Shirt promotion idea…um wear the t shirts around? lol idk!

  4. Abbie says:

    i think that it’d be cool to have a yellow t-shirt (because it’s such an eye-catching color) with the words “a sample a day…” on the front and “…can add up to a lot!!” on the back. There could be pictures of various products like shampoo and deodorant all over the shirt. And you could put the website on the sleeves. well, i hope you like my idea!

  5. Kenzie says:

    something wih a BIG SMILE! Cause free stuff makes everyone happy!

  6. Kenzie says:

    HAHAHA I totally drew you guys my idea! But got failure notice! I will try n send it laterz!

    love n free samples!

  7. Veronica says:

    I think you should make a t shirt that says sample a day keeps the doctor away

  8. Anup says:

    Hope I am the first one..

    The T shirt idea – well… a white T shirt symbolizing purity with ” SampleADay ” text printed in green. along with borders

  9. Veronica says:

    wait i change mine: a sample a day keeps free stuff coming my way. very cheesey i know 🙂

  10. Glenn says:

    A decent idea for t-shirt would be to have a coffee cup with a man drinking it, he would have a coffee can beside him on a desk and it would have money hangin out of the top as though a money saving cookie jar so to speak. On his arm or sleeve while he is at a keyboard in front of a computer typing using the other hand *laughs* the sleeve would read and perhaps even a smiley face of some kind after the website on his arm. Could be a women too, doesnt matter. This illustrates saving a lot of money, and enjoying this wonderful website at the same time, meanwhile the logo being displayed very clearly!

    -Glenn R.
    McKeesport, PA

  11. Kala291 says:

    Oh how I do love Starbucks! almost more than free samples…almost!

  12. Liz says:

    Did I win?

  13. Liz says:

    Durrr… it’s early. Okay t-shirt idea… you should have the website name across the front. And on the back, a calendar month (like the grid) with a little picture of something different in each day of the grid.

  14. gabbie says:

    Sample the World 😀

  15. Nicole Curtis says:

    Well I think I might be the first?? What about “I went to and I got EVERYTHING and this T-shirt”

  16. Lindsey Harrison says:

    I think it would be cool if there was a guy jacked up on coffee waiting to get into a starbucks store with a load of cash in his hand would be a cool t-shirt idea b/c they are so expensive but on the other hand addictivly good!

  17. Lindsey Harrison says:

    my idea was the guy shaking. there should then be on the back logo saying “we could alone feed his internet addiction. starbucks provides the furl”

  18. Kenzie says:

    I still cant get through! LMAO

    So I’m leavin it here for you guys!

    Needs work I think, but sounds cute to me..cause this is how your site makes me feel 😀

  19. matt says:

    How about,

    Free stuff ask me how?
    then people will come up to you and ask you and you can tell them.
    get freebies from “”

    those are my two ideas
    hope you find one!


  20. Priya says:

    Hi. I’m first, right? LOL. My email is DELETED

  21. Jasmine Nguyen says:

    i sent u guys my t shirt idea 😉

  22. Kathy says:

    my idea would be a picture on the tee -shirt with the mail carrier loaded down and frowning saying “oh no another sample a day lover.”

  23. Cieli K. says:

    I left you an email starting with “T-SHIRT IDEA…”

    Please open your e-mail & let me me know if you like the idea.. =P
    If you don’t o well, I’ll better next time.
    I’m excited, though!! Hehe.

  24. nicole packard says:

    is this for the free starbuck’s?

  25. justin says:


  26. jason says:

    green shrit with SAMPLEADAY.COM across the front and on the back have a list of the top 20 samples. ill take my shirt in XXL plz

  27. Olivia De Meuse says:
    “Its free, why not?”
    green, pruple, or blue tshirt
    mini sizes of things that have been advertised on here
    (t-shirts, gum, candy ect.)
    top samples listed
    rainbow swirly on the front with written on top of it across the middle in black

    i really really really want a shirt (especially a one!)

  28. tracy says:

    1 Free Sample A Day…Dot com….have well shaped models wearing these words and traffic to this web site will crash the server the next day..send my t shirt, L size.. thanks.

  29. christy ruiz says:

    How about the slogan “Will work for free samples?”

    I think this is a great slogan because it is hard work tracking down all the sample sites that have valid links. Just a thought.

  30. anant says:


    Shining stars share sparks

    Thanks Coach Homer
    Michael Wernsing SR.

  32. Lisa Britt says:

    Starbucks Reflects Art,
    Bring on the flavor

  33. Sandra Juran says:

    Lugen haben kurze Beine!!!
    that”s all!

  34. eugene haywood says:

    My slogan come be a star with bucks.. “starbucks ” others are co stars over here were. The starbucks.

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