Nick and Scott
Nick and Scott

Postcard from Frankfurt?

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Nick has just moved from some small little town in Germany to Frankfurt, Germany. He is lonely, and wants someone to write to. Will you be Nicks friend? This contest is simple… be the first person to tell us what your favorite free sample is and why and you WIN. Don’t have a favorite, tell us the funniest sample idea. Don’t have a funny sample idea… say something entertaining!! Just say something that is more than “free postcard” or “first”. Also if we REALLY like your answer, he might send out a few extras (it depends how lonely he really gets). Trust me a postcard from Nick is much better than a $5 gift card. Don’t believe me? No worries… more gift cards and other prizes are on the way).

So ready…. set…GOAT… … Just Kidding… … GO!!!! Comment… Comment… Comment….!!!

 *If you haven’t already commented… remember to put your mailing address under the mail column.  If you have not e-mail Admin at with your mail address (remember to mail us on the same e-mail address as you put in the post

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13 Responses to “Postcard from Frankfurt?”

  1. Kenzie says:


    Will it be a feet postcard?


  2. stacey says:

    i luv any coffee samples cuz i’m a coffee luver ^-^;.. love the taste. been drinking since i was 10 months old.. (mom was mad when she found out my grandpa was letting me sip out of his mug..lmao) i drink it for the taste, really and not the caffeine.. I’m not addicted, i swear — i can quite anytime. >;D

  3. Ryan says:

    Hey! What a good idea, poor nick… Anyways I think it would be pretty funny to have free thermometers that come with petroleum jelly… Cant you see all the mothers that come to this site ordering them, and their children’s faces when they come in the mail.

  4. jennifer says:

    I think the best sample has to be “dehydrated water”… nothing has come in the mail but mabey that is the joke!

  5. Chris says:

    My favorite sample is the Trojan condom samples. If there’s one thing I learned over the years, you can never have enough Magnum condoms lying around to impress the girls.

  6. Melissa says:

    Favorite free sample…. hmmmm… it would have to be Greenies Cat Treats… the reason it’s my fav is that my cat went crazy for them.

    She’d get all excited and it looked funny watching her chew and chew and chew them. That’s my fav freebie. 🙂

  7. Nicole Curtis says:

    I work at a job that is pretty boring so when I found this site I was stoked I could sign up for some free stuff. After going through like every possible old offer on here I warned my husband that I would be getting alot of samples in the mail in a few weeks. Not three days later my husband picked up our neice from day care and grabbed the mail. One of my free samples fell on the floor and brooklyn opened it up. My husband then called me at work and said “well Brooklyn got one of your first free samples, she is playing with a balloon and it is keeping her quite content.
    It was my free condom from Trojan!

  8. Kenzie says:


    Nicole thats hilarious…I havent actually been here long enough to GET any samples in the mail (soon soon!!) But I love the funny descriptions most 😀

  9. Nicole Curtis says:

    Thanks! Although I dont think my sister in law thought the joke was as funny, but oh well!

  10. mary karnes says:

    what i like free is the amazing offers of free stuff that this website has on…….. this is my best part.
    so keep the free things coming and i will be sure to sign up for them.

  11. Jennifer Isaacson says:

    I would have to say my favorite freebies are all of them…if they are free, they are for me…and it gives me a giggle watching my mean ol’ mailman trying to get all my stuff in my mailbox!!

  12. Sharron h. says:

    My husband was in Frankfurt back in 1979. He was in the army. Cool! This site is pretty cool. I am fairly new here and this is my FIRST post in the comments.

  13. melissa says:

    I love to get free samples of things like maxi pads,tampons,adult diapers.Our mail man is a nosey mean old man who complains about having to deliver so much junk,free,stuff to our mailbox.I make it a point of sending away for various oddball products.High fiber tablets and adult diapers,free catalogs with steamy videos and toys.Anything to annoy this crude,crude mailman and heck we all need high fiber cereal once in awhile. 🙂

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