Free Campbell’s Soup (Expired Already?)

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Mmmm good, campbell’s soup. Finally this good looking campbell soup sample doesn’t have a picture of a dog next to it. Yes, it is soup for humans, not cats, dogs, or sewer rats. You also don’t need to wait years to get this one in the mail either. You just print out a coupon, bring it to the store and get the soup.

Get your free Campbell’s Soup
Visit this site. You have to print the coupon out to redeem it.

*Yes we know there is a problem with the site. We are working on fixing it right now

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Expired, Not Free ?

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2 Responses to “Free Campbell’s Soup (Expired Already?)”

  1. carol hunt says:

    why would you put a free sample on if it’s already expired ?

  2. admin says:

    It wasn’t expired when we put it on. Soon after we put it up it expired. Generally, if the sample does not last the entire day we post a new sample to make up for it. We figured we’d put the EXPIRED up there to let you know it was no longer valid.
    Thanks for the post

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