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How many times do the free sample offers you fill out want you to provide a number? I’m pretty sure that half of you are writing down a fake number, which 10% of the time, just by chance, happens to be my number. Telemarketers are persistent… They make me feel like that hot girl at school that gets called and constantly gets hit on, unfortunately all these guys want is my money…

Get a free rejection number to use for samples
When filling out samples, spare that poor person whose number you wrote down for that sample offer and use the rejection hotline number. For example use rejection hotline number, 909-723-5660, this will bring you to Rejection Hotline’s Telemarketers Suck number. Or, try 212-201-3517 the One Night Stand Hotline number.

So you might be thinking, poor telemarketer guy calling these strange numbers, but wouldn’t that honestly make your day a little more than calling someone who could care less than to talk to you?

The Full List:

  • 305-503-0845 It Could Always Suck More
  • 817-256-9693 Breakup Bitch
  • 401-427-2990 Breakup Butler – nice
  • 803-234-8035 Breakup Butler – NOT nice
  • 212-201-3517 One Night Stand Hotline
  • 301-576-1105 Service Industry Hotline
  • 216-912-0163 Almost to Voicemail…
  • 909-723-5660 Telemarketers Suck
  • 805-351-8307 Frustration Hotline
  • 207-228-0146 Call to Confess
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5 Responses to “Free Rejection Hotline Number, Phone Number for Samples”

  1. Anonymous says:

    omg lolz ^_^

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. kristen says:

    hahahahah i just gave a guy on cht room my new #

  4. Bob says:

    Hey Kristen that was mean, I really wanted to call you.. XD

  5. Virginia says:

    I just gave this number to a stalker mayb it will wrk :/

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