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Sometimes companies leave us completely in the dark. They leave little information about the, all we have is the topic of the sample. Such is the case with the Free Magic Trick Sample. The Magic Trick Sample from FitzMagic tells us only tha that we will get a FREE MAGIC TRICK in our mail box, in 7 to 10 business days (school days). Before you start planning your magic show, better wait to see just what this sample is. My guess is cards, though I could be wrong?

Get your mystery magic trick (USA)
To get your free magic trick sample just visit this link and fill out your information (no survey questions required)

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3 Responses to “Free Magic Trick sample”

  1. shiralh says:

    Did anyone get this? Im curious to know what it was.

  2. 1sick1 says:

    At the bottom it says “if you run out of cards for the trick” blah blah blah………so I’m guessing it’s CARDS

  3. Marsha says:

    The offer is still valid, though the website says to expect a delay because of the high volume of requests. They also stte that they are working on a new free trick.

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