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I know you want a free ipad 2. You want one so bad you decided to search for a free ipad 2. Maybe you were bored, don’t have a lot to do, or whatever. I’ll be honest, if someone is offering you a free ipad 2 and it is not a relative, boyfriend/girlfriend or other personal friend it is probably a scam. There are several scams like the free IPAD scam and each are designed for different purposes. Some are designed to collect your personal information while others might even ask you for a credit card. When you think you are getting a free IPAD, you end up getting charged hundreds of dollars in fees. Normally just remember if it is too good to be true it probably is.

While the free ipad 2 may be a scam, that doesn’t mean that all free sample offers are scams. Many companies like to provide you with free samples (mostly of smaller things). We search for the smaller, more legit free samples and post about them every day! To see the latest free samples we are offering, check out our main page here and remember to stay away from those free ipad 2 offers!

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